Monday, November 1, 2010


The panissa is a typical dish of Vercelli in Piedmont, where is stronger the tradition of rice cultivation.
The Vercelli recipe of panissa  differs from that of Novara paniscia especially in the presence of the sausage before duja salam (in fat) and especially for the use of beans of Saluggia, also a typical product of Vercelli plain. In addition, the recipe includes a lot more vegetables paniscia Novara.
The recipe of panissa seems to have  originating in 1700.
Every year a festival of panissa takes place in the Vercelli.

- Tender beans Saluggia 350 g
- 350 g rice
- 70 g fat
- Beef stock 1 lt
- 1 onion, n
- Duja salam 30 grams
- Pork rind 30 g
- Olive oil
- Butter
- Black pepper


Add to the beef broth half liter of water, beans and shelled Saluggia well scraped the rind.
Cover with a lid and simmer until beans are broken.

In a pan put the chopped duja salam , the lard, two tablespoons of olive oil, some butter and chopped onion in julien.
Fry, pour the rice, mix well and add the stock to cover rice. Pepper.
Continue cooking, adding broth a little at a time.
When cooked, add the remaining beans and serve.

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