Friday, December 4, 2009


Near Mondovì is located VICOFORTE Sanctuary,  one of the most important monuments of Piedmont.

Famous for having the largest ellipses dome of Europe  (high 75 m. and a perimeter of 250 m.).

The dome is painted with the largest existing only theme painterly field.

In 1592  there was a votivo pylon with an image of the Madonna and child.  An accidental hunter shooting  had demaged the painting, the legend tells that Madonna blood. Since then began to arrive first pilgrims from the Piedmont and various parts of Europe.

In the 1596 the Bishop of Mondovì and Carlo Emanuele I gave in the construction of the sanctuary with the intention of doing a grave for the Royal House of Savoy startup dedicating it to our Lady.
Ended in 1733 construction works
Ascanio Vitozzi architect and Francesco Gallo. 

Cover copper observed today was installed only in 1985 to avoid the risk of collapse.

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Italy, Piedmont 

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