Sunday, November 29, 2009


The green sauce (in italian means bagnetto verde) is an important sauce of the traditional piedmontese cuisine. The main ingredient of this recipe are the anchovies
While supporting the mix boiled meat can be used with the anchovy fillets in the typical recipe :"acciughe al verde".

parsley 50 g
anchovies below salt n2
Mollica bread
clove of garlic
olive oil

Finely grind the parsley by joining the garlic and anchovies after they are very clean. Pour the sausage in a bowl, combine bread after steeped it in vinegar and then add mollica bread.  

Mix well ingredients with a wooden spoon, add abundant olive oil because the sauce is very liquid.

This sauce is traditionally used to accompany the
Piedmontese boiled  mix.

Italy, Piedmont 

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