Monday, January 24, 2011


The Carnival of Ivrea town seems to have originated in the eleventh century. 

Legend has it that in medieval times, peasants launched to protest the beans that the lord gave them once a year. The oranges instead become the protagonists of the carnival only in recent years.
Until after World War II battle of the oranges was never regulated and oranges were thrown as well as beans.

Today, the battle will tackle the various districts of the city with signs and with decorated flags.

The battle of oranges is the most famous but not the only attraction of the carnival of Ivrea. During the day you can watch the carnival parade, the fire of Scarl and the many gastronomic events.

The most famous dish of Ivrea is the Novecento cake , this 
recipe is still a very well guarded secret. The Novecento cake is made from a base of sponge cake with chocolate cream and chocolate too. 

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