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The small village of Borgomale situated in the heart of the Langhe.

In this area grow the famous "nocciola gentile delle Langhe" and White truffles with their characteristic scent of the Piedmontese cuisine. Without forgetting the precious vineyards.

A castle that dominates the Berne torrent is located in the Centre of the country. 
In the country were Lordship, from the 12th century the Marquesas del Vasto, the Marquis of CEVA and Cortemilia and succession Carretto Del Gorzegno, Della Church, the Falletti, the Busca, the Rabino, the Prandi." 

Also Francesco Sforza, the 1431 invade the lands of the Monferrato you impossess√≤ Borgomale Castle. 
"With the Treaty of Cherasco (1631) the fiefdom of Borgomale, together with other 74 albesi land becomes sabaudo exclave.

The ancient castle, said "of five towers", was built from the 1429 from Alba Falletti on the foundations of a previous fortification of the 12th century. The "casaforte" accessed through a levaotio bridge. 
In the Baroque Age  it was build an external covered scale , with architectural character and medallions with images of Knights frescoes. 

Between environments, a room ' weapon, the honour staircase, the Caminata and fresco salons, the road patrol system. In place of the current terrace on the Berria Valley, there was a strong Tower.

Italy, Piedmont

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