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The chocolate comes in Piedmont carried by the army of Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy. 
At that time the Duke of Savoy served the King Charles V, Spanish king. It was precisely the Spanish to bring the cocoa from Mexico to Europe. 
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It seems in Piedmont and more precisely in Turin during the eighteenth century had found a way to make solid chocolate that until then the liquid was consumed as a beverage. 

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In Turin in 1852 born the gianduiotti which will becomea symbol of Turin. Produced by mixing chocolate with hazelnuts Gentiles of Piedmont another typical product of Cuneo. 
The gianduiotto is also the first sweet "packaged" wrapped in the typical pack of cards bream. 
In the bars of the center of Turin was founded instead the "bicerin" drink made with chocolate, coffee and cream. Since the early twentieth century small pastry underwent a process of industrialization, many businesses moved out of the town of Turin to have more space. Were created so other centers of chocolate production in Novi Ligure, in the province of Alessandria and Alba in the province of Cuneo.

Currently we are witnessing a return to the workshops for the production of chocolate with large variety of handmade pralines, often in the confectioners in the center of Turin.

From this historic tradition Piedmontese chocolate processing are born different types of cakes:

- Gianduiotti
- Torta Gianduja
- Bonet

Piedmont, Italy

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