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Nizza Monferrato is located in the center south of Piedmont among Monferrato's hills.

It seems that the city was founded in 1225 by the inhabitants of seven castles in the area destroyed in the war between Asti and Alessandria. In the sixteenth century was called the Nice of the straw, it seems because of the roofs of the houses made of that material. Even today among the inhabitants it is called "Nyssa dla Paja".

In the picture there is the town hall with its imposing tower, a symbol of Nizza Monferrato, it was built in 1353 but rebuilt several times over the years.

Famous for its wine production, is also known for the production of thistle Hunchback of Nizza Monferrato one of the
typical ingredients  of the traditional dishes of Piedmont: bagna caoda.

One of the typical dishes of the city is a flour cake made with chickpea flour, olive oil and water. In dialect is called "belecauda".

Among the famous people born in Nizza Monferrato we can remember:
- Francesco Cirio (Nice 1836 - Rome 1900) founder canning Cirio.
- Luigi Zunino entrepreneur

For more information please visit the town of Nizza Monferrato

Italy, Piedmont

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  1. Ho Nizza Monferrato is a very nice place. I've been here two years ago and the food is magic.