Saturday, November 19, 2011


I arrive in Malesco in a mid-October day with four degrees of frost, and that turned intomist, slowly rising from the dawn-lit meadows.

I arrived after a road that climbs to Vigezzo, I spent a lot of curves and tunnels opens beforethe plains of Santa Maria Maggiore and Malesco. If you plan to visit Piedmondo not miss this border land between Italy and Switzerland.
The Vigezzo after Domodossola from Masera climbs towards the Swiss border and a narrow valley enclosed by vertical cliffs through waterfalls.

Already populated by the Celts then saw a long Roman domination.

This valley of painters because it has a long tradition of landscape painters and portraitistswho inhabited the Vigezzo for its beautiful landscapes of forests and meadows.

After Malesco do not miss the village of Kings known for an important shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the Milk erected as a result of the miracle occurred here in 1494. Since then,the effigy of the Virgin Mary is known as the King

Council to also try the railroad "Centovalli" that rises from Domodossola to Locarno(Ticino) and that gives you the opportunity to discover the valley and its cliffs, waterfalls and villages.

For more information:
Railway Centovalli 0041-091-7560400/7518731 / 7510031. For group tours can be booked for the whole day or half day historical cars of the years 1906 and 1923.

A typical dish of the Piedmontese cuisine from Vigezzo Valley are called Runditt waffles made ​​withbuckwheat which grows even in the Valley.

But the greatest curiosity of Vigezzo is definitely being the birthplace of the inventor of the water of Cologne.
He was born in Santa Maria Maggiore, in fact, the December 8, 1685 Giovanni Maria Farina, who emigrated to Germany in search of fortune found her thanks to the invention of the famous Eau de Cologne perfume baptized in honor of the city that welcomed him.

The Val Vigezzo is another opportunity to visit Piedmont and to see the wealth of landscape and culture of this extraordinary region.

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