Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Turgia salam of Piedmont is a typical product of the Lanzo Valleys, near Turin.

It is made with meat from dairy cows that had calves, lard and bacon, red wine and spicie. Also the gut that is stuffed in is of bovine origin of Piedmont.

Originally this was used to consume bagged Piedmont also less valuable pieces of cow slaughter. Today, however, that this meat is a typical product of the Valli di Lanzo, Piemonte, is obtained from meat of first choice and is included in the Basket of Typical Products of the Province of Turin . Also the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, at the request of the Piedmont Region , has recognized the Turgia salami as Traditional Agri Products of Piedmont.

For more information you can also visit the turgia salam web site .

This typical product is also an ingredient in some recipes of Italy Piedmontese cuisine such as PANISSA.

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