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Pinerolo is a town in the province of Turin, about 35,000 people dominated by the church of San Murizio same name located on the hill.

The town of Pinerolo gained importance when it became a possession of the family Acaja in 1295.

The history of Pinerolo has often crossed with the cavalry. And 'the seat of the First Cavalry Regiment of the Italian Army, the Nice Cavalry founded in 1690.
He has hosted since 1882 until the nineties, Military School Farriers now transferred to Grosseto.

Today you are trying to renew the tradition with the construction of the new school of Cavalry.

One of the most important manifestations of this town in Piedmont is the Iron Mask, which is held the first weekend of October.

We are currently trying to revive the old town of Pinerolo as a meeting point of the town. In particular, Piazza San Donato (pictured) with its cathedral and narrow streets that climb up the hill of San Maurizio.

Through various events we try to rediscover the history of this interesting town on the outskirts of Val Chisone.


- Historical Museum of Cavalry of the weapon
- Museum of Prehistoric
- Museum of Ethnography
- Museum of Natural Sciences
- Civic Art Collection
- House of Senate


- Bagna cauda
- The Mostardela
- The Waldensian soup
- The gofri

Among the famous people born in Pinerolo include:
- Luigi Facta (1861-1930) last president of the board of the Kingdom of Italy before Fascism
- Ferruccio Parri (1890 - 1981) with the name of partisan battle "Mauritius" in honor of their S. Maurice of Pinerolo. First President of the Council after Fascism
- MARIO Deagle (1943 -) Economist
- Alessandro Barbero (1959 -), historian and writer
- AFRICA UNITE (1981 -) first Italian reggae group

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