Saturday, June 25, 2011


The township of GRAND PUY is part of the town of Pragelato in the province of Turin. It is located near the end of Chisone valley, the one that leads to Sestriere from Pinerolo. The name GRAND PUY  means big plan, it is in fact built on one of the few spaces plans this side of the mountain.

The inhabitants are nicknamed "the lawyers" because in 1685, then to the 'Edict of Nantes "which forbade the worship of the inhabitants of Grand Puy Valdese, most of which belonged to this religion attempted legal action against the parliament of Grenoble without success.

On January 20, 1920 a fire destroyed the whole country fearful sparing only the church (photo).

In the country there are many pastures and cheese is typical" Plaisentif "made with milk from cows grazing in the course of the violets flowering period (June and July).

A path connects many villages share the characteristics of the Berg Chisone by Villaretto de Mey.


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