Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The "Mustardela" is a typical salami of the Val Pellice near Turin.

The recipe of Mustardela comes from  rural tradition and the famous phrase: "from the pig did not throw anything away"

When the pig is slaughtered if they collect the blood that is then added to the head, rind, ears, tongue, lungs and kidneys previously boiled and chopped. Then the mixture is stuffed into casings and boiled.

With the spread of the slaughterhouse industry becomes increasingly difficult for producers to find the pig's blood which is removed at slaughter. For this reason the production of "Mustardela" is very limited and can only be found in some butcher shops specializing in Val Pellice and Pinerolo near Turin.

The "Mustardela" is one of the deans of the Province of Turin at Slow Food.

Typical products of traditional Piedmontese cuisine.

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