Friday, June 25, 2010


Mombaruzzo is a small country on the astigiano hills. To make this country of Piedmont famous are the  
Mombaruzzo amaretti . 
The Mombaruzzo amaretti  are soft made with almonds and the white egg. 
These special soft amaretti recipe is traced to 1700 when, Francesco Moriondo House of Savoy patissier invented them . At the end of the 1700s Francesco Moriondo moved to Mombaruzzo starting in the production of his amaretti.

From the nineteenth century the Mombaruzzo amaretti became famous throughout Italy and their production was undertaken by several other producers.

A number of instances as amaretti of Valencia, Acqui, GAVI and Ovada were produced in the course of the years. As well as of course to the most famous amaretti of Sassello (SV) and Saronno (VA).

Italy, Piedmont

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