Monday, May 17, 2010


INGREDIENTS of the waldensians soup:

for 6 people
600 grams breadsticks
150 grams Parmesan
100 grams butter
1 liters of chicken or beef broth
Nutmeg and cinnamon to taste


Fry the breadsticks broken into small pieces in a terracotta dish with 50 grams of butter. Add the cheese and spices.

Pour the broth over breadsticks , and cook for 20 min. 

When the broth is dried, add the melted butter, Parmesan, and then brown in the oven for 10 min.

The Waldensians are a Protestant movement born around the middle ages. The Waldensian movement founded by Peter Waldo is common in the western Piedmont especially in Germanasca valley and Pellice valley (near Tourin).

The original recipe was poorer. There were no breadsticks , it was used in place of them heavy bread , arranged in alternating layers with cabbage leaves. Four or five layer was then cook for five hours on the stove covered with chicken broth. After you added the spices and butter.

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