Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Piedmont southeast. Province of Alessandria, where the Piedmont plain begins to rise and become Apennines, here is Novi Ligure.

The town where I grew up the greatest champions of cycling Piedmont Girardengo and couples.

Novi Ligure has a long tradition of confectionery, were born on its territory two major confectionery companies in Piedmont, the Novi and Pernigotti.

The origin of the town of Novi Ligure dates back to Roman times when it was known as Curtis Nova. Through various vicissitudes has also been part of the Republic of Genoa in 1500. In 1818 he joined the Kingdom of Sardinia and then the future Piedmont.

In the historical center of this city of Piedmont you can admire numerous buildings with painted facades dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Among these buildings include the Palazzo Negroni (photo) of the same century, richly decorated and equipped with two dials, one of which is based on French revolutionary calendar.

The most important square in the old town is called Delle Piane, named after the historical noble family of Genoa, which is overlooked not only the eponymous Palazzo Delle Piane, (photo), the Collegiate church and the Palazzo Negroni. The typical products of this area are:

- baci di dama
- farinata
- focaccia novese
- canestrelli novesi
- Cece di Merella
- Corzetti

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