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The gofri are waffles, they are made with water, flour and yeast, cooked in special plates called "irons goufres" or "gofriera" giving the gofri the traditional form.

The gofri are characterized to be crunchy outside and soft inside, is distinguishable from wafel, preparing in northern Europe, the thickness of the wafer.

The irons for goufres born around the year thousand thanks to priests who used them to produce the wafers. In time, these pots were used to produce wafers of various shapes and with different recipes together.

The goufres irons are made of cast iron and have the distinctive checkered pattern that is printed on gofri during cooking. 

The gofri are a recipe of traditional Piedmontese Chisone and Germanasca valleys.
In small villages of these mountains
gofri often replaced  bread  when the country was far away from the oven.

Elders people of Chisone and Germanasca valleys remember how often around the firing of these pods gathered the peoples of small countries.
After some years of neglect today gofri were rediscovered and often can be tasted in the village fairs.

The gofri can be eaten "natural" with nothing, or stuffed with ham, cheese, jam or chocolate cream.

Here you are the gofri recipe:

- FLOUR 700 g
- Water 1 lt
- Baking powder 1 sachet
- Pork fat for
goufres irons


Mix flour, water salt and yeast. Let rise for at least a couple of hours in a covered container with a damp cloth.

Heat the skillet good cast-iron traditional gofri, then grease it with a piece of pork fat.
Pour the batter with the ladle in the "gofriera" turn after a few minutes, when detached from the plate gofri is ready.
Stuffed with ham, salami or cheese or jam, honey or chocolate.
Some recipes require the addition of eggs and milk, of course, are much more calories and it isn't the traditional recipe.

If you want to taste the gofri already made like the old grandmother's recipe, you find them on the site, following this link you can get them directly to your home.

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