Monday, May 31, 2010


Langhe is an area between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo characterized by numerous hills. 
The territory between the rivers  Belbo and Tanaro. 
High Langa reaches the borders of Liguria. 

Despite the Langhe are located very close to the Alps are considered to belong to the Apennines. 

The particular composition of the soil of Langhe hills makes these territories  very favorable for grape growing and the production of fine wines known throughout the world . 

Another typical product is the characteristic Langhe hazelnut gentle. 

The dialect spoken in the Langhe  is unique because it integrates the Ligurian and Occitan words. 

Many castles, wine and cuisine have transformed the area and the activities of the Langhe receptive attracting a lot of tourists especially foreigners. 

The Langhe kitchen including many recipes we can remember: 
- bagna caoda
-tajarin Delle Langhe 
- agnolotti 
- The Plin
- hazelnut cake
- maize flour biscuits 

Among the many local products that Langa offer are:

- Truffle
- WINES (among which the Boarolo, Barbaresco, Nebiolo, etc ...)
- THISTLE cardoon of Nizza Monferrato
- Cheese (among which the Murazzano, Raschera, Robiola Roccaverano, etc ...)

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