Sunday, November 8, 2009



Serves 6 \ 8 PEOPLE
Beef stew g. 350
Roast pork g. 200
Sausage g. 100
Calf brains g. 100
No Scarola 1 bunch
No Eggs 3 \ 4
Gravy Parmesan

Farina G. 600
Water G.  150
Eggs 3

Lightly boil sausage and brains. Also boil
the scarola, squeeze it and grind it and flavour in meat sauce and little butter.
Chop all qualities of meat and sausage, then put into a container, add the escarole, three or four tablespoons of Parmesan, a pinch of salt, some grated nutmeg and eggs to make up a mixture of the right consistency. Mix all ingredients well. 

Mix flour, eggs and water to prepare the dough with a rolling pin and then draw two or three thin sheets.
While preparing a pastry dough keep the other well-covered remains rightly so soft. The filling get many balls the size of a hazelnut and arrange on a sheet spacers between them, cover with another sheet as is normal, the fingers press between a filling and the other, then with the toothed wheel, cut out a number agnolotti square.

Tradition wants that these dumplings are served as a dish in broth. They may also be used dry, savory stew in broth instead of water: then drizzle with melted butter and a few leaves of sage agnolotti sprinkling with Parmesan cheese and thin slices of truffle or dress with a tomato sauce or meat sauce .

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