Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Someone will be asked, like me, why one of the typical products of Piedmont is the "BAGNA CAODA" that among the main ingredients has a fish such as anchovy. 

As everybody knows  Piedmont is not a sea region!
It seems that once the farmers, mainly from downstream Maira in Cuneo, trying to round up during the winter months in France and Liguria going to take the salt to be sold later in the Piedmont region. 
As the salt in those times it was a very valuable asset seems was hidden under the anchovies. These farmers then passed in countries with carts to sell both fish and salt this people was called ANCIUE '. 

Seles Museum - Museum of multimedia crafts pitches, is the center point of gathering evidence and documentation of all anchovy Valle Maira who had in common Dronero, Celle macro and Paglieres their cradle of origin.

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