Saturday, November 28, 2009


Already in the eighteenth century the Piedmontese Truffle was estimated and consumed in the noble European cuisines. Between its great admirers the Rossini composer that defined it the "Mozart mushrooms". The most precious is certainly that collects between the hills of Alba and Asti.
Only in the 1900s this white truffle bought world-famous, thanks to the brilliant work of promoting held by Matteo Morra ("Maté Mura") and Giacomo Morra, hotel and restaurateur Dell'Alba rightly "crowned" King of the truffles already in 1933 from the Times of London. Traslated from wikipedia

It seems that the King of France also place the white truffle of Alba to replace the garlic in court banquets.

Also this year shall be taken to Alba truffle, "capital" proud annual market where traders of truffles meet the "trifolao" that collect this valuable typical product of the Piedmontese ground. For more information

The white Alba truffle is one of the protagonists in the Piedmontese kitchen and gives unmistakable  fragrances and  flavor  to simpler dishes such as for example the egg to the pole or Tajarin "in bianco".

Italy, Piedmont

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