Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I am writing this post a little bit special for us, this time it is not a recipe but a good news that I hope will please you.

Our blog is now online since 2009 and in recent years, thanks to your contribution has reached hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Given the great success we decided to bring the best products typical of the Piedmont tradition of craftsmanship directly to your home. From today through our website you can get the best products typical of Piedmont in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany.

We used the technology of the internet to give the opportunity to those who live outside the Piedmont to find the best products typical of Piedmont, and who is in Piedmont to find the unique flavors of our region. To do this we created the site

We will select the best producers of Piedmont's regional food specialties from time to time we will find in the area. We will choose the artisan producers who devote all their passion for packaging quality local products.

On our side we have a great love for the Piedmont and we think that food is an important part of the local culture. Thanks to the internet it is now possible to receive the best of traditional local products in their own home without moving from the comfort of home, so come visit us on in the English version and in french vershion:

Have a nice trip!

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