Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The gianduiotti or giandujotti are typical chocolates of Turin.

The origin of the name of this chocolate is an example of historic marketing. It was 1865 when a famous chocolate factory in Turin using the typical Carnival mask of Turin, Gianduja to present his new chocolate.

The composition of this typical product of Piedmont has its own history, it seems that during the Napoleonic invasion of Piedmont, there was a cocoa shortage. Unfortunately, chocolate was  highly sought in Turin and Piedmont in general. It was thought to replace a portion of chocolate with hazelnuts from Piedmont.

It was thus created a unique flavor, with a strong identity of Piedmont, which can be found today even in the most famous spreadable cream Gianduia, but also in the famous Chocolate cake Gianduiotta. The common base of  these recipes there is always the characteristic combination between chocolate and hazelnuts also the source of gianduitto.

The shape of gianduiotto is traditionally triangular and was the first chocolate to be packed individually.

Even Andy Warhol had the opportunity to sing the praises of giandujotti, fabulous typical products of Piedmont.

Today you can taste the famous Turin gianduiotti without leaving your home, thanks to the internet you can taste the delicious pralines on site Dolcepiemonte following this link: gianduiotti the site will take care of sending these and other delicious typical products of Piedmont.

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