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When it was created the first cotton mill in Chisone San Germano, Italy had been united only by a year.

It was in 1862 that Paul Mazzonis fact, tailor Turin, and his brother founded the "Brothers Mazzonis and comp."

The fledgling company was the first spinning Chisone although in later years were created other companies related to the processing of cotton and silk.

The strategic position of the cotton mill was Mazzonis, the Napoleonic road that leads to Sestriere and then to France was a great outlet shopping. The presence of the river Chisone was used to create the necessary energy to the needs of the entire company and also a part of public lighting. (In the picture of a particular power plant within the factory)
Although at that time there were no problems of air pollutant emissions, the Kyoto protocol or Copenhagen conference on climate change, the cotton mill was powered solely by the river Chisone (until 1967).

Widemann The family of Alsatian origin, purchased the cotton mill in 1892 after a fire. Under the management Widemann the cotton mill had experienced a great development that reflected the entire town of San Germano Chisone.
In 1957 the cotton mill grew to 600 employees, then began a decline that led to the failure of the company in 1978.

In the photo Widemann cotton mill as it appears today.

Today, the cotton mill still dominates the entrance of San Germano Chisone sides are a little aged, but inside there are still some small businesses in various industries.

Unfortunately, the system of canals and hydroelectric power to create electricity are out.

As for the gastronomy San Germano Chisone is greatly influenced by the presence of the Vaudois, and is typical of the "Waldensian soup" made with bread sticks and soup. A local product is definitely the "Seiras the Fen" which is made from cow's milk of San Germano Chisone. Still, one can quote "gofri" waffles stuffed with cheese, ham, or jam.

Sites of special interest to San Germano Chisone:
- Villa Widemann (now the town and the museum Skirochon)
- Museum Skirochon
- Park Widemann

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  1. Thank you for your very interesting story about my adopted valley. It is nice to know a little bit more of the history as my husband's family are from here and I love to learn more about where I am living, especially as it is a very beautiful part of the world.

  2. Hey thanks for sharing with us... Highly appreciated.!!