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The Piedmontese cuisine is a mix of culture and tradition of agricultural products of high quality.

Hazelnuts are fruits of excellence in the hills of the Langhe in the province of Cuneo, rice is a product of the plains of Vercelli, Biella and Novara low. Castelmagno cheese is of great value that is obtained from the pastures of the Cuneo mountains.

So, the risotto with hazelnuts and Castelmagno is a great recipe that combines typical Piedmont cuisine and blends them together to give a true and authentic flavor.

Ingredients for 4 people:

400g rice suitable for risotto (carnaroli)
100 grams of hazelnuts from Piedmont
90 grams of cheese Castelmagno
50 grams of butter
Dry white wine 1 \ 2 cup
1 onion
1 liter of broth (vegetable or meat)
1 sprig of rosemary


We recommend buying the real Piedmont hazelnuts IGP to ensure greater quality and an incomparable flavor. Open hazelnuts and toast them in the oven for about ten minutes.

So break the hazelnuts coarsely and leave aside in a container.

Peel the onion, chop finely and fry for a few minutes with a little 'butter.

Add the rice and rosemary. Toast the rice for a minute then pour over the white wine.

When the wine has evaporated completely add a ladle of hot broth and stir gently with a wooden spoon.

Continue adding the broth as you need. Halfway through cooking the AC add half of Castelmagno previously diced and half of the hazelnuts.

When the rice is cooked fix it with salt and pepper, add the remaining Castelmagno and almost all nuts. Mix and stir in the butter.

Serve the risotto with hazelnuts and Castelmagno garnishing the dish with the remaining hazelnuts, rosemary and slivers of Castelmagno.

The typical piedmontese cuisine recipes on:,stay tuned!

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